Knights Without Armor (KWoA)

An Open Men's Circle in Southborough, MA

What Is KWoA?

Knights Without Armor (KWoA) is an open men's circle affiliated with The ManKind Project USA (MKP). Our mission is to develop better men through self-awareness, inner healing, and personal growth. We do so by creating a safe, powerful container in which we explore our emotions and the unconscious shadows that keep us from living the full, authentic lives to which we aspire.

Our Philosophy

We believe that lasting personal change can only occur by first coming to understand what is driving our counterproductive behaviors. Achieving this understanding is our primary focus at KWoA.

Many support groups promote sharing, empathy, encouragement, and taking responsibility for one's actions. Atlhough well-intentioned, we believe that these methods are ineffective at creating lasting change for a man as long as he remains unaware of the underlying causes of his destructive behaviors. In the absence of such awareness, this "support" often serves to implictly reinforce the man's self-limiting beliefs. This obstructs him from discovering his truth and, from that place, transforming his life.

Visitor Instructions

With advanced notice, KWoA is open to all visiting men (attending The Men's Work is recommended).

To request attendance, email before 3pm on the Tuesday prior to the night you wish to attend.

Be ready to participate in the meeting at its starting time.

Plan to stay for the full 2.5 hours.

First time visitors are asked to familiarize themselves with the reading materials below prior to attending.

If we are meeting in person we suggest bringing a bottle of water.

Note: Full voting members are permitted to deny visitor requests, although in practice this rarely occurs. While we generally recommend the ManKind Project's New Warrior Training Adventure to visiting men, there is no requirement for men to do the weekend in order to continue visiting the group or to become a member.

Date and Time

KWoA meets every Wednesday from 7-9:30pm. Very occasionally we will cancel (e.g. due to year-end holidays), or change the location for a specific evening.


Southborough, MA 01772-1915 (when not online)

Reading Materials

We ask that first-time visitors read the following before attending:

Mailing Lists

KWoA maintains email listservs for announcements and member-specific matters, respectively. To be added to one of our mailing lists please email


If you have questions please email


KWoA is a peer-facilitated, not-for-profit educational group. It is not psychotherapy or a substitute for it. Please consult a licensed mental health professional before making any major life decisions or changes to your current psychotherapy or medication regimens. If you are experiencing homicidal, suicidal, or other dangerous urges please dial 9-1-1 immediately to get help.

KWoA adopts, and recommends that visitors review, the ManKind Project's Declaration on Mental Health.